Angel Jordan

Angel Jordan
Master of Education in Learning, Design and Technology
Training and Education Consultant, Bank of America


Why did you choose the LDT program at UNC Charlotte?

I chose the LDT program because it was asynchronous and affordable. As a full-time working professional, it was vital to enroll in a program that allowed me to complete classwork on my own time. Lastly, I found that the program was comprehensive and included both learning theory and practical application as well as the ability to use standard and new and up-and-coming tools in the profession. The program encompasses the key skills and learning needed for success in online learning, training and development, or school specialist-related functions. I appreciated that I could tailor my concentration to fit my career goals. For me, obtaining a graduate certificate in online teaching and learning and a Master's degree in training and development provided me with the breadth of education to pursue a number of career paths.

How has the LDT program benefited you?

I was able to successfully pivot to a training and development role at my place of employment from the work completed in the LDT program. This was my ultimate goal, and I am flourishing in my new role.