Carol B. Davis

Carol B. Davis
Master of Education in Instructional Systems Technology
Instructor at Central Piedmont Community College


Why did you choose the LDT program at UNC Charlotte?

I selected the LDT program at UNC Charlotte because I wanted to learn about instructional design. I work as an instructor but had no background in learning theories or instructional models. This program seemed to be a good fit for me as I wanted to grow my skills in those areas.

How has the LDT program benefited you?

This program combines pertinent theory and relevant application that allowed me to grow my skills as an instructor and instructional designer. The different approaches to instruction employed by various faculty were as informative as the content of the courses. A summer internship and the capstone project required thorough application of the concepts and skills learned and I am confident in my ability to take on many different roles in instructional design as a result of the program.