Dr. Jennifer McGee

Appalachian State University

Assistant Professor, Assessment and Research Methods

As a Charlotte area resident for over a decade, I’m a proud 49er!  After teaching in a couple of local high schools, I decided that it was time for me to pursue a terminal degree in education.  Educational Leadership seemed like the right fit for me; my interests in education were broad and I knew I wanted to eventually be a professor.  I was fortunate to be a full time student and completed the coursework in 3 years.  I also had the great fortune of having a wonderful set of assistantships both in the Department and in the Center for Educational Measurement and Evaluation (CEME).  My work in the CEME spurred my interest in statistics and research and led me to complete the Educational Research and Evaluation track of the Community Specialization.  After finishing my coursework and dissertation I was well-prepared to enter higher education as a professional.  My connection to UNC Charlotte and this program remains strong and I feel lucky to be able to call former professors my colleagues.