Graduate Assistantships

The UNC Charlotte master’s program in higher education is offering a coordinated hiring timeline for Graduate Assistantship positions. This process will allow admitted master’s students who apply by the priority deadline of January 15 to apply for and receive offer(s) for GA positions by April.

Note: Admitted students who apply to the program by the secondary deadline of March 1 can still apply for posted GA positions throughout the spring and into the summer via Hire-a-Niner. However, they may not be admitted in time to utilize the coordinated hiring timeline.

Master’s level GA positions at UNC Charlotte typically span the 9 months of the academic year (August 15-May 15), include an hourly wage or stipend, and most do not include tuition remission. Most higher education administration/student affairs assistantships at UNC Charlotte are classified by Human Resources as temporary student employment. Some offices provide additional benefits to GAs such as professional development funds. Students applying to GA positions are encouraged to reach out to hiring offices individually to determine details of the positions related to job duties, compensation, and benefits.

The timeline for the coordinated GA hiring process is:

  • January 15: Priority deadline to apply for the M.Ed. program and participate in the coordinated hiring process.
  • February: Admitted students will receive access to the Hire-a-Niner web portal upon admission and will be able to search for GA postings. Apply to postings in the coordinated hiring process by Feb. 28.
  • March: Offices review applications, contact top candidates for interviews, and extend offer(s) by April 1.
  • April 15: Deadline for candidates who received offers to submit their decisions.

Please note that there will also be offices at UNC Charlotte who will hire for GA positions but will not participate in the coordinated hiring timeline outlined above.

GA postings for Fall 2024 admissions

Career Coach & Marketing Specialist Graduate Assistant

The Graduate Assistant for the Arts, Media, and Design Career Community and Marketing plays a crucial role in supporting the career development initiatives within the Career Center. This position will assist in positively affecting retention and career readiness issues by both the counseling function, but also with presentations to groups of students and working closely with Career Development Team staff on assigned
projects. This is a learning opportunity in which the GA can expect to gain hands-on experience working with individuals, conducting presentations, and assisting with team projects. Additionally, the Graduate Assistant will actively contribute to the Career Center’s marketing efforts as a member of the Marketing Team.

Graduate Assistant for Peer Career Ambassadors (PCA)

The Graduate Assistant for the Peer Career Ambassador (PCA) will assist in the overall management and development of the PCA program including assisting in the logistics, daily operations, and execution of short- and long-term goals of the program. Additionally, the position will be responsible for coaching students in the exploring community, offering presentations on career development topics and aiding in the coordination and implementation of career related events.

Graduate Assistant for Student Involvement (Campus Activities Board) – 2 positions open

The Campus Activities Board (CAB), supported by the Center for Student Involvement within Student Engagement, is the largest student programming/event planning organization on campus and is responsible for planning diverse, quality events for the university community. The Graduate Assistant for Student Involvement (Campus Activities Board), is a 10-month, part-time position (approximately 20 hours per week). This role advises members of the CAB Executive Board, Program Coordinators, & Event Staff, and provides day-to-day support for the planning and implementation of all programs. This position also oversees event assessment and social media marketing efforts for CAB, in addition to coordinating student leader trainings and assisting with department-wide initiatives and programs.

Graduate Hall Advisor

The Graduate Hall Advisor (GHA) position is a 10-month, part-time (approximately 20 hours per week), live-in, graduate position within the Department of Housing and Residence Life. The Graduate Hall Advisor is responsible for providing administrative support to an assigned residential community housing 300-750 students or to department-wide Residence Life programs and services such as staff training, staff recruitment, student leadership programs, and academic initiatives. Please visit our website for more information or to apply:

Graduate Assistant for Enrollment Programs

The Graduate Assistant of Enrollment Programs supports the office in planning, implementing, and assessing enrollment initiatives and orientation programs. This includes, but is not limited to recruitment, event planning and management, marketing, and administrative tasks. Duties include an emphasis on serving UNC Charlotte’s students in the transition process and students continuing their experience at UNC Charlotte.

Identity, Equity, & Engagement (IEE) Graduate Assistant – SAFE

Under the direction of the IEE Assistant Director, the Graduate Assistant (GA) will aid in the administration, facilitation of education, training & development, and programming in the office of Identity, Equity, and Engagement. As the SAFE Graduate this position will serve as an essential member of the SAFE Leadership Team (SAFE LT).

Graduate Assistant for Outreach and Engagement

The Outreach and Engagement Graduate Assistant is a semesterly-annual position that works 20 hours and provides support to Transition and Success Initiatives, a department within the Division of Student Affairs dedicated to helping students and families successfully adjust to campus life. This position is responsible for implementing communication campaigns, marketing strategies, promotions, and outreach activities, with an emphasis on social and digital media. The successful candidate should have experience creating content for digital media (social, web, photography, graphics, video) and managing social media platforms, as well as working with student teams.

Graduate Assistant for Transition & Belonging

The Graduate Assistant for Transition & Belonging works within the Office of Transition & Success Initiatives to provide leadership and oversight for the development, planning, and implementation of exceptional transition & belonging programs for all new and current UNC Charlotte students.This position works directly with Gold Rush (UNC Charlotte’s Welcome Week Program), First Generation Initiatives, First 49, and other transition programs. Visit for more information on the services provided in the Office of Transition & Success Initiatives.

Popp Martin Student Union and Cone University Center Training & Development Graduate Assistant

The mission of the Popp Martin Student Union is to cultivate a welcoming place that enhances the student experience through services and programs and serves as the center of campus life. Similarly, the mission of the Bonnie E. Cone University Center is to enrich the university and community experience by providing quality services and spaces in a welcoming environment that supports student learning. The Training & Development Graduate Assistant will directly support these efforts by working with the Assistant Director of Student Experience and Staff Development to oversee the Popp Martin Student Union and Cone University Center Student Employee Experience Program. This includes supporting student employee training, supervising student employees, designing and facilitating leadership development opportunities for student employees, and planning community building opportunities for student staff.

Graduate Assistant for Student Accountability & Conflict Resolution

Supervised by an Assistant Director of Student Accountability & Conflict Resolution, the Graduate Assistant for Student Accountability & Conflict Resolution serves as a paraprofessional staff member and assists in the administrative duties of the student conduct, academic integrity, and alternative resolution processes; serves as a resource for various institutional stakeholders; and provides outreach to members of the University community. This position requires the flexibility, ability, and willingness to work in structured and unstructured settings with students, staff, and faculty.

Graduate Hall Director

The Graduate Hall Director is a live-on position that is responsible for the creation of an atmosphere and living environment conducive to the intellectual, emotional, cultural and social development of students residing in the residence halls. This position has significant evening and weekend responsibilities. This position is based in Misenheimer, NC (about an hour outside of Charlotte).

Please note: The positions listed above are anticipated, but not guaranteed. This is presented for informational purposes only. Hiring offices will make all decisions related to GA posting and employment. In the past, multiple offices in Student Affairs and Academic Affairs have hired graduate assistants from the master’s program in higher education.

Prospective students and GA hiring officials: If you have any questions, please contact the higher education program director at