Program Curriculum

The 30 semester-hour M.Ed. program includes 9 hours of professional education core courses, 15 hours of coursework in educational leadership (higher education focus), and 6 hours of electives. Students are encouraged to work with advisors to select courses relevant to their professional interests in higher education. As of Spring 2023, the program will also offer a higher education internship course (ADMN 6430) which students may use to satisfy 3 hours of elective credits. M.Ed. completers must successfully prepare an electronic portfolio housing appropriate artifacts and evidences under the direction of program faculty.

Course Sequences
Full-time students
Part-time students

Professional Education Core Courses (9 Credit hours)

  • ADMN 6100 Fundamentals of Educational Leadership (offered every Fall for entering students only)
  • ADMN 6101 Perspectives on Adult Learning Theory (offered every Fall for entering students only)
  • RSCH 6101 Research Methods (offered every Spring for higher education students)

Courses in Educational Administration and Leadership (15 Credit hours) selected from the following:

Higher Education

  • ADMN 6000 Topics in Educational Administration (offered in various semesters; current and prior Higher Education topics courses have included: Access and Equity in Higher Education; Curriculum in Higher Education; Equity Issues in College Student Affairs.)
  • ADMN 6170 Introduction to the Community College (typically offered in alternating summers)
  • ADMN 6171 The American College Student (typically offered every Fall and Spring)
  • ADMN 6172 Higher Education in the United States (typically offered in Spring)
  • ADMN 6173 Legal Issues in Higher Education (typically offered in alternating summers)
  • ADMN 6174 Higher Education Finance and Budgeting (typically offered in Fall)
  • ADMN 6175 Non-traditional Approaches to Higher Education (typically offered in alternating summers)
  • ADMN 6176 Women in Higher Education (typically offered in alternating summers)
  • ADMN 6177 Student Affairs in Higher Education (typically offered in Spring)
  • ADMN 6178 Higher Education Policy and Governance (typically offered in alternating spring semesters)
  • ADMN 6179 Contemporary Issues in Higher Education (typically offered in alternating summers)
  • ADMN 6180 Teaching Strategies for Adults in a Diverse Society (offered in various semesters)

P-12 Education

  • ADMN 6105 Legal Aspects of Schooling
  • ADMN 6120 Instructional Leadership
  • ADMN 6130 Supervision of Instruction
  • ADMN 6140 Curriculum Leadership

Note: Courses may be restricted to those in the MSA program. If interested in school leadership, please visit the Master’s of School Administration program.

Instructional Technology and Research

  • EIST 5100 Instructional Technology
  • RSCH 7196 Program Evaluation Methods

Electives (6 Credit hours)

Electives at the 6000-level at UNC Charlotte will be selected from among ADMN, EIST, and RSCH course offerings with input from the advisor. Courses from other departments may be selected with advisor and department approval. Students may take the higher education internship course (ADMN 6430), offered as of spring 2023, to satisfy three hours of elective credit.