Frequently Asked Questions – MSA Program

Students must complete the prerequisite credit hours and designated courses prior to submitting an application for the internship



Employed students are expected to complete their internship at their current site with the permission of the principal.  Frequently, changes do occur naturally within school districts, i.e., change in principals, school districts, work assignments, promotions, etc.  The program coordinator will work with students under all circumstances.  The program coordinator and districts liaisons will work with Principal Fellows and full- time students on-leave from their districts to determine internship sites.

Typically only North Carolina Principal Fellow Scholarship recipients receive a stipend during their internship.

Typically Monday – Friday from 5:00PM/5:30 to 7:45PM/8:15PM.

Typically mid-June after all applications have been processed. All admitted applicants will be notified.

Funding and Fellowships—