Graduate Certificate Program in Learning, Design and Technology

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This 15 or 18 credit hour graduate certificate program prepares learning design professionals to create, analyze, use, integrate, implement, assess, evaluate and manage instructional and performance solutions. When students graduate they hold instructional design and technology positions in education (P-12 and higher education), corporate, government, or military organizations. The program develops professionals who are solidly grounded in instructional technology foundations, principles, theories, applications, and current trends and provides opportunities for them to integrate different forms of technology to enhance teaching and learning.

The Graduate Certificate in LDT has Three Concentrations

  • School Specialist (18 credit hours) - This concentration is for those who work in the P-12 system and who already hold either an “A” or “G” level teaching license from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (or from another state). School system personnel who currently hold a valid “A” or “M” level teaching license and are eligible for the Special Endorsement in Computer Education (079 License ) by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction at the end of this graduate certificate. 18 credit hours are required by NCDPI to receive licensure endorsement.

  • Training and Development (15 credit hours) - This concentration is for those who wish to do training and development in corporate, higher education, government, and military.

  • Online Learning and Teaching (15 credit hours) - This concentration is for those interested in designing, developing, or managing online learning and teaching.

Admissions and Program Requirements

Admission and Progression Requirements and all Program Requirements can be found in the Graduate Catalog. Please see the information below:

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Application Deadlines

Application deadlines
Semester  Fall Spring Summer
Priority Application Submission March 1st  October 1st April 1st
Final Application Submission  August 1st  December 1st  June 15th

NCDPI 079 Endorsement

079 License –School system personnel who currently hold a valid “A” or “M” level teaching license are eligible to earn the Special Endorsement in Computer Education (079) by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction under the School Specialist concentration.

Non-K-12 personnel who wish to work in the area of training and development in corporate settings, e-learning and online learning in higher education, and also managing instructional projects in military and other settings can benefit from this certificate.   These professionals in training and development would receive the Graduate Certificate only (i.e., without the Special Endorsement in Computer Education by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction).

Early Entry Program

Exceptional undergraduate students at UNC Charlotte may apply for the Early Entry Program and begin work toward the graduate certificate (Online Learning and Teaching concentration only) before completion of the baccalaureate degree.  See the Undergraduate Catalog for details and requirements.  Also, see the Degree Requirements and Academic Policies section of the Graduate Catalog for more information about Early Entry Programs.

Program Completion Sequence

Schedules are designed for part-time students as most of our students are full-time working adults.  The schedule is also laid out for those admitted in the fall semester.  If admitted during a different semester or you wish to be a full-time student, please consult with our advisor once admitted to lay out a sequence that will work for you. 

2 courses/semester plan


School Specialist

Training & Development

Online Learning & Teaching

Fall – Year 1 6100
Spring - Year 1


Summer – Year 1 6120
Fall – Year 2   6170  

1 course/semester plan



School Specialist

Training & Development

Online Teaching & Learning

Fall – Year 1  6100 6100 6100
Spring - Year 1  6110 6110 6110
Summer – Year 1 5100   6120
Fall – Year 2  6130  6130 6130
Spring – Year 2 6135 6160 6150
Summer – Year 2 6120    
Fall – Year 3   6170  

Contact Information

Dr. Beth Oyarzun
Dr. Beth Oyarzun
Program Director and Clinical Associate Professor
Phone: 704-687-8711