Graduate Testimonials – Ed.D. in Educational Leadership Program

Dr. Marion Bish
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
Executive Director of Student Services

“I completed a Master’s in Ed. Admin and an Ed. D. at UNC, Charlotte. In both cases I received a rigorous and comprehensive education. The Ed. D. was the 5th cohort and was a great model for me. Working with a small group of 13 people meant we pushed each other to stick with it, not give up when we were tired. We were all full-time school administrators so it was not easy. However, the support of the instructors was a key element for me. They all knew us and cared about us personally. I knew I could contact any of them with questions or to ask for assistance. I built a relationships that continue to this day. There are times when I still call or email one of them asking for feedback or advice. I cannot imagine selecting any other university! Go Niners!”

Dr. Ruth M. Hedgpeth
Dean of Nursing, Allied Health, Early Childhood Education, and Cosmetology
Central Piedmont Community College, Charlotte, NC

“I completed a dual Master’s degree at UNC-Charlotte, in Nursing Administration and Health Administration; and, was very satisfied with that curriculum and with my overall graduate school experience at UNCC. Years later, when I decided to pursue a doctorate degree in Higher Education Leadership, I searched for options that would provide me with relative doctoral coursework, along with individualized support, in preparation for dissertation work and defense; and, I wanted my doctorate degree to also be earned from a university of strong reputation. I found all of these at UNC-Charlotte. I routinely utilize knowledge learned as a student in the doctoral courses in my current role as a higher education leader. My dissertation research allowed me to investigate an area of interest to me, while providing valuable results relative to my profession. I can highly recommend the Ed.D. Program at UNC-Charlotte to anyone considering the degree.”

Dr. Linda Hopper
Assistant Superintendent of District and School Improvement
Cleveland County Schools

“I received a quality educational experience at UNC Charlotte. My career path soared while pursuing a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership. I started the program as an Assistant Principal, advanced to the principal ship, promoted to the central office level as Director of School Improvement, and currently serving as Assistant Superintendent of District and School Improvement. UNC Charlotte provided relative and practical coursework and experiences that prepared me for a variety of leadership roles. I highly recommend UNC Charlotte to anyone desiring to lead and to advance in their career.”

Dr. Jennifer McGee
Appalachian State University
Assistant Professor
Assessment and Research Methods

“As a Charlotte area resident for over a decade, I’m a proud 49er! After teaching in a couple of local high schools, I decided that it was time for me to pursue a terminal degree in education. Educational Leadership seemed like the right fit for me; my interests in education were broad and I knew I wanted to eventually be a professor. I was fortunate to be a full time student and completed the coursework in 3 years. I also had the great fortune of having a wonderful set of assistantships both in the Department and in the Center for Educational Measurement and Evaluation (CEME). My work in the CEME spurred my interest in statistics and research and led me to complete the Educational Research and Evaluation track of the Community Specialization. After finishing my coursework and dissertation I was well-prepared to enter higher education as a professional. My connection to UNC Charlotte and this program remains strong and I feel lucky to be able to call former professors my colleagues.”

Dr. Bill Means
Delaware State University
Director of Career Services

“I just think I want everyone to know what the University of North Carolina at Charlotte has to offer, I think it’s one of the best kept secrets in the region. I just see a true commitment to the students, so the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with its diversity, its course offerings, and its convenience, I think many people should look at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.”

Dr. Denise Q. Patterson
Assistant Superintendent
Hickory Public Schools

“UNC Charlotte is a wonderful place to learn. I received a Master’s in Elementary Education and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from UNC Charlotte. I had excellent training from supportive and outstanding professors. The coursework was extremely rigorous and well worth the educational learning experience. It definitely prepared me for my leadership roles as a classroom teacher and as an assistant superintendent. I highly recommend UNC Charlotte to anyone seeking higher education. It is a place where long-lasting and meaningful relationships are established with professors and other colleagues.”

Dr. Gary Ritter
Central Piedmont Community College
Executive Director of Learning Technology Services and History Instructor

“I selected the educational leadership program at UNC Charlotte for several reasons. The most important consideration was my experience at the UNC sister school at Greensboro where I attended for my BA and MA. I truly enjoyed my time there and expected the same at UNC Charlotte. – the University of North Carolina has a great reputation. Another consideration was location. I work near uptown Charlotte on the central campus of Central Piedmont Community College, so getting to the university area after work was easy. I also intentionally chose a program that was mostly on-site. While I did take advantage of several online classes, I did want to attend a program where I could meet regularly with professors and classmates. I knew that the relationships I made with these colleagues would be very valuable, and it has been. I received many benefits from completing this program. I was immersed in theory I had not been very familiar with, I strengthened my research and analytical skills, I was introduced to industry professionals, received valuable mentorship and maybe best of all was able to discuss the important trends within higher education with experts. I am very pleased with my choice of UNC Charlotte and am proud to have earned my doctorate there.”